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Customer Reviews for Greta Van Fleet

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Best show ever!!

Joan from North Charleston, South Carolina
13th May 2024

This band just keeps getting more and more amazing!! What a group of talented musicians and they never disappoint! Last nights show was extraordinary - every second was an explosion of great music and vocals!

Madison Square Garden Concert

Dutcher Terrill from New York, New York
14th September 2023

I have been a member of the peaceful army since they released anthem of the peaceful army. This band has gone from one that no one knows, to playing at the GARDEN. I could not be more proud. I have seen them twice now, once in bridgeport which was one of their best in my opinion, and now madison square garden. I have one word to describe their concerts, transcending. As soon as the band took the stage it was like the rest of the arena faded away; you couldn't take your eyes off the stage. They pour their souls into their performances like no other concert I have ever been to. They are one of the few bands I can honestly say sounds WAY better live. Their stage presence was like nothing I've ever seen. It was enchanting and lively the whole time. The guitar solos blew my mind and the way Josh's voice carried through the place was magnificent. They had confidence in their performance like that of a seasoned rock band. If you are wondering if seeing them is worth it, it is. You will love them.


Steve from Denver, Colorado
1st August 2023

Impressive too say the least. I am alsi a professional drummer..They were fantastic..No words

Absolutely Stunning Night!!

Lindsay Filby from Sacramento, California
29th March 2023

I have waited all year to see Three Brothers and AA Bestie from a little Christmas Twonnin Michigan Blow My Mind with Original, Beautifully Crafted All Out Crushing Rock and Roll!!! Josh’s Voice the most dynamic, Jake Lead Guitar on Level of Edge etc., his solos where mystifying perfection …I haven’t seen a show like this since ASIA at The Cow Palace like 38 years ago….. I’m a HUGE Fan, Caravel made me Weep!!!!

Great time

Jake from Hershey, Pennsylvania
2nd November 2022

Unreal! Best part was when they played Stairway and later Moby Dick. Worth every penny.

Absolutely Outstanding

Tom from Toronto, Ontario
20th August 2022

This was my first time seeing Greta in concert, but I have been a regular concert goer for many years. I have seen some of the greats, from the Eagles, to Joe Walsh, Steely Dan and Joe Bonomasa. These guys are at that level; may be better. Seriously competent musicians, great instrument voicing, super instrumentals and (of course) amazing singing. Even the stage show (pyrotechnics, flames, etc) were outstanding. The warm up musicians were treated absolutely awful with the worst sound mixing I have heard in 30 years. The sound pressure of the bass response was awful for the starting bands. For Greta? Absolutely perfect. Ever been in a stadium where 20,000 people sing every song with the band? Ever been to a love-fest? Well I did last night. Absolutely super experience. My only complaint is that they treated the warm up bands very poorly.